Chapter 10

"You just don’t want to leave, do you?” Gabriel said with a grin, glancing down into Lennon’s very dark eyes, dark brown infused with a thin ring of black on the outer rim. They were incongruous with her pale, pale skin. “Nah. I’m a bookworm,” she replied, gesturing to herself. “The truth is, I don’t … Continue reading Chapter 10

Chapter 9

Lennon marched down the main paved road, her feet carrying her quickly to nowhere. It was Saturday, the day after an exhausting afternoon in Sedalia, and she’d intended to spend the afternoon annoying her sister over the phone. But fate had intervened, in the form of a bellowing Nick followed by a high-pitched, screaming Stacey, … Continue reading Chapter 9

Chapter 8

*As far as the climax of the story goes...well, this is certainly a contender for that title. It's a Stacey chapter.*The lead roles were up for grabs for the August show, the biggest show that the Tallis put up annually because so many of the actors left with the arrival of the fall. Len spent … Continue reading Chapter 8

Chapter 7, Part One

*I just finished the book. For reals. EEEE!!!! Anyway...massively long chapter. Will be posted in parts, as usual.*“These,” Lennon spoke around a mouthful of food, “are the best damn pancakes I have ever had.” She chewed, swallowed and then stabbed the next syrup-covered portion of pancake on her plate. Stacey stood beside the table and … Continue reading Chapter 7, Part One