Chapter 22

As far as her bespectacled eyes could see, there was mud: sticky, brown, mucky mud. After swishing mouthwash around her gums and teeth, combing her hair, washing off the makeup she’d forgotten she had on last night and reapplying eyeliner and coverall, she’d gotten back into last night’s jeans and underwear, took a T-shirt that … Continue reading Chapter 22

Chapter 20

Lennon didn’t expect Landslide to change at all when she drove into the town in the second week of the following January. Stacey’s last performance at the Tallis was coming up in a few days; after that, Stace was moving on to a job in New Jersey. There was some snow on the ground. Stacey … Continue reading Chapter 20

Chapter 19

“Why did you walk away from him?” Lennon glanced across the small table to see the aghast expression on Mady’s face—eyes bulging out, mouth formed into a perfect ‘o’ of shock. Alexandra, who was sitting on Lennon’s right, raised her eyebrows, but didn’t look shocked. Nadine was stirring her drink. Etta’s attention was wavering, although … Continue reading Chapter 19