Mary Sue

Authors, in writing characters that float around in their heads, also fear the Mary Sue. According to Mary SueBut how do you know it's a Mary Sue? Some of them are obvious (coughmyfanfictioncough). I found this last night: the Mary Sue Litmus test!Mary Sue Litmus TestI read fanfiction--less so these days--but I get caught … Continue reading Mary Sue


In celebration of actually having a turning point, I give thee portion of chapter eighteen (as it is now):Mady opened her eyes to pitch darkness. She blinked, several times, trying to clear her eyesight. For a moment, she wondered if she’d gone blind. No, no, she wasn’t blind. She moved her right hand, where the … Continue reading Excerpt


I need some advice! I have approx. 51,000 words written--143 pages according to Word--and about sixteen chapters in all. Now, a book in this genre should be about 80,000 words. But many of the seem to be over 400 pages, or at least above 300. On the one hand, the plot feels like it's moving … Continue reading Pacing!