I need some advice!

I have approx. 51,000 words written–143 pages according to Word–and about sixteen chapters in all. Now, a book in this genre should be about 80,000 words. But many of the seem to be over 400 pages, or at least above 300.

On the one hand, the plot feels like it’s moving too quickly. It shouldn’t be up to 16 chapters in under 150 pages. That’s not something I’m worrying about right now, since it’s not finished.On the other, let’s face it, 143 pages is pretty damn long.

It’s more about the overall pacing of it: how quickly or slowly events unfold. When things are revealed. Pacing isn’t really something we got in writing workshops because it’s not hard to pace a 7-page short story, but it goes along with description and plot (which i’m coming to find is a lot more involved than what I thought it meant). So I suppose my problem is that there either isn’t enough plot or description as of yet.

How would you guys slow or pick up the pace of a book? How many pages do you think there should be per chapter? Do you know of any good advice on how to deal with pacing or the mechanics of a scene? Anything really, horridly geeky writer?

Also: Do you guys think that chapters should deal with only one character or can it jump around between POVs? How many events should a chapter cover, do you think?

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