I'm at this point--which I come to once in a while--of getting ahead of myself. By that, I mean that I have 4 million story ideas in my head and yet, let's remember that I haven't finished this one yet, officially. So I'm trying that whole writing down and doing some light research thing, just … Continue reading Blurb

My Five

I was doing one of those "Pick Your Five Favorite" lists on Facebook a few days ago. So I thought I'd give it a try. Plus, in case you are reading (in which case many thanks and you'll get your present roundabout holiday season), but are going "I don't know if it's actually good or … Continue reading My Five


I am shit at coming up with titles. Always have been, always will be. It's hard to come with that one essential slogan that encompasses your entire story and it was even harder when I didn't have an entire book to name.I was calling the book The Barbadian Bride for a minute because Madeline, the … Continue reading Titles

Because it’s my blog and I can…

Kyle, Neal, DavidDavid CookAndy SkibMy favorite moments from the show:#1 Kiss on the NeckMaking fun of his brother & "Lie"Banter. David finds an olive onstage. Someone wants it. Digression ensues. "Bar Ba Sol"Continuation of the olive banter, booing of a dude wearing a Red Sox cap, "Come Back To Me""Light On""A Daily Anthem" last song … Continue reading Because it’s my blog and I can…

Regency/Romancelandia Glossary

Largely from Candice Hern's website here, just a list of a few terms I used in my story.Almack's : Assembly rooms in London, where balls were held every Wednesday during the Season. Patronesses of Almack's determined who could come in and who could not. Anyone in trade, even aristocrats associated with trade, were not admitted. … Continue reading Regency/Romancelandia Glossary