40,000 words and counting

I have hit 40,000 words of the book–15 chapters, 152 pages–and I’m sort of proud to say that I don’t think one part of this story is mere filler. I keep thinking, “Oh, this is an important part,” then I realize I say that about all the parts. Which is good, right?

Anyways, I survived Black Friday. It was busy for a while during my shift, but then it quieted down and we had to clean, i.e.,pick up clothes off the floor and sort them out. Also, this woman tried to buy three cashmere sweaters that had the wrong tags on them–those tags listed those sweaters as $20 each. Had to call security, find the items on the 3rd floor, note down the prices and go down to the security office. Guess what? Those three sweaters are actually worth something like $300 total.

So, basically, I saved the store a lot of money.

It was pretty busy on Sunday. A steady stream of customers. I hit 192% of my sales goal (yay!) and had a HUGE $113 Pre Sale.
And someone agreed to sign up for the card. I’m relieved, because now I can stop worrying about that and just do my job.

Oh—and just a general question. My story takes place in 2009, with flashback chapters through the 90s. I’m now flashbacking around 1999 and the timeline will move up to the 2000s and such. Does anyone with a better memory than I remember when cell phones, texting, laptops and digital cameras became so huge?

I had a laptop when I was 15, which means around 2001, and I used my mom’s cell phone around the same time and remember thinking that those things were everywhere in the city. But digi cams, anyone? My protagonist is a photographer, so it’s kind of relevant.

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