Shitty First Draft: done!

On January 31, 2010 (only 10 or so days behind my arbitrary "oh, I'd like to finish this before I'm 24" deadline), the first draft of My Last Request (officially and affectionately known as the Shitty First Soul Swapping Draft) was finished. Official stats:26 chapters259 pages68, 427 wordsThank you all for your indulgence, advice, swift … Continue reading Shitty First Draft: done!

Inventory: 12 hours, no stopping

Inventory night began at 10 pm on 1/12--a Tuesday night. I started out recounting rods in Junior's Dresses that had already been counted (literally, counting dresses). Then I was put on reticketing. Reticketing is this, basically: price tags fall off. During inventory, new tickets have to be put back on. The information and price is … Continue reading Inventory: 12 hours, no stopping