Inventory: 12 hours, no stopping

Inventory night began at 10 pm on 1/12–a Tuesday night. I started out recounting rods in Junior’s Dresses that had already been counted (literally, counting dresses). Then I was put on reticketing.

Reticketing is this, basically: price tags fall off. During inventory, new tickets have to be put back on. The information and price is printed out from the register on cardtag-paper and stapled on the clothing. And that’s what I did, chasing down items in all areas while the others scanned items (for counting purposes).

We were running on schedule until…

this rod full of clothes with no tickets appeared around 9 am. Mind you, 9 am was when we were supposed to clock out and go home. But no.

So a swarm of tired, irritated associates swooped down on two rods. We reticketed. We sorted. We found the same items with tickets and brought them back to the register to ticket the next item. Half the rod was “out of town”–clothes not from our floor, so at 9:45, we split up the clothes and ran around the store looking for those UPC numbers.

As one of the morning shift girls said, “What are y’all still doing here?”

And then I came home, ate, played with Grayson, and crashed out around 2 pm. Woke at 10, ate, crashed at 12, woke up at 2:30 pm on 1/14. Got ready. Went to work.

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