Shitty First Draft: done!

On January 31, 2010 (only 10 or so days behind my arbitrary “oh, I’d like to finish this before I’m 24” deadline), the first draft of My Last Request (officially and affectionately known as the Shitty First Soul Swapping Draft) was finished.

Official stats:
26 chapters
259 pages
68, 427 words

Thank you all for your indulgence, advice, swift kicks in the ass, encouragement, deletion of clogging blog emails in your inbox, possible perusal of occasional inbox messages (it’s only that way ’cause I know without bringing it to the people, the people don’t come), actually reading, and waking up with thoughts of my characters in your very confused mind.

Seriously–that last is the best thing to happen to me as a writer, ever. Period.

Now I can mark up the last 12 chapters of this book, read, read, read, absorb, learn some new writing tricks, and get crackin’ on a serious revision process.

Otherwise known as: Marginally OK Second Draft.

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