1 Whole Year of Blog!

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday, dear blog!

Happy birthday to you!

Yup. It’s been one year since I started this blog and this here journey of actually writing and actually ending my stories instead of treating them as unimportant or using something as an excuse to not continue with it. I wanted a way to remember my developing process–and here it is! I wanted to reconnect with friends I felt a little distant from at the time and open up a dialogue and channels to talk to each other. I’m an only child; I have a lot of imaginary friends (you’ve met some of them, reading this blog), but the real ones are the only ones who (sometimes unfortunately) talk back with contrary ideas.

It’s been a great year, as far as the writing goes, in a very educational year of unemployment, writing, employment, resume-sending, and studying up on what I can pretentiously call “my craft.”

I think this time, last year, I was seeking a way to make my writing better. I don’t know that it’s on the level I want it to be at yet, BUT it’s getting there. I cut-and-pasted the heck out of my manuscript today, rearranging everything I’d marked down on the hard copy to rearrange. Now I can get on with the crafting and expanding and the eternal, eternal questions of: “Why is Brix a douche?” (Nali), “Why is Brix a dick?” (Jess), “When are Brixton’s good qualities going to show up on the page?”,”What’s with this paraweirdo stuff?” (Paraweirdo=copyright 2010, Mehta), “Why does Edward Norton walk away from camera all the time in The Painted Veil? (not that we’re complaining) ” (Me, Shar, Nal)

I read a book called The Writer’s Guide to Character Traits by Linda Edelstein, which has chapters chock full of profiles of different kinds of adult personalities, developmental stages for kids and adolescents, and the effects of events like parents divorcing, grief, PTSD, love and marriage—stuff I can definitely incorporate as time goes on.

I’m setting this up to publish at the exact time I published the very first post, when I thought that I would use this to post one story I had in mind as a centralized place to take in comments and questions. It’s grown to be a lot more than I thought possible as I sat in this blue recliner, in my pajamas, unable to sleep at nearly 4 am.

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