I hit 250 last night--after realizing that I was in fact on page 253 and had passed 250...So what's going on now?-Chapter 27. Present day. Boston. -First word on 250 is #65, 389 of 80, 114-Last word is #65, 642 of 80, 114First sentence: "Lord knows. Maybe we should look up 'voodoo priestess'."Last sentence: I … Continue reading 250!


I write awesome dialogue. I'm not going to be falsely modest about it. My first writing professor in college told me "Your dialogue's great!" I was reading one of my intern manuscript deals on Tuesday and while the narrative had that elegiac tone you read in literary fiction--at times--the dialogue? Not natural. Too long. Too … Continue reading Dialogue


I just finished my 200th revised page. So, what is going on by page 200?-Chapter 18. Flashback, late 1999. Something tragic has happened and it brings Brix and Eva close together. Takes place in New Orleans.-Last word on page 200 is #53, 347 of 80, 367 words-First sentence of 200: I felt cheated then. -Last … Continue reading 200


Just hit page 150 of book revision. I'm going by little milestones and this means another 50 pages that I've read, pulled apart, added to, felt, cried over (no, seriously--cried over), and rewritten. Current stats:-Chapter 14 is a present-day chapter from Eva's POV. 150 is the middle of an intense scene (dare I say, the … Continue reading 150