Just hit page 150 of book revision. I’m going by little milestones and this means another 50 pages that I’ve read, pulled apart, added to, felt, cried over (no, seriously–cried over), and rewritten.

Current stats:
-Chapter 14 is a present-day chapter from Eva’s POV. 150 is the middle of an intense scene (dare I say, the climax) between her and Brix. Takes place in Brix’s restaurant’s kitchen.
-Word says that the entire document is 299 pages, but it’s not all formatted correctly yet, so who really knows? But still–that’s almost 300 pages.
-The last word on Page 150 is word # 39, 883 of 78 592 words.
First sentence of 150:
“I think I had a blue bra on ’cause I remember wearing blue that day,” I said.
Last sentence of 150:
“Yeah, Captain Obvious,” he says. “Sorry. Go on.”
And in another bit of not-important-news, I read a truly awful ms. last night. Freaking awful. Characters flat. Pompous prose. No hint of scenes or interaction or close POV. I lasted 25 pages out of a full manuscript. Lots of stereotypical description of setting. Took place in Manhattan, made snide narrative remarks about the boroughs–NOT COOL.
But I’m glad I read it because reading it made me realize that I’m actually quite a good writer and I am getting better with age and immersion and hard work and experience. Also, noticed in the email account today that two of the ms. I’ve read and stuck under “Dislikes” are now labeled “Waiting To Reject.”

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