New Blog Name…and Other Things

Note: Changed the name of the blog today. Again. What can I say? I get bored easily.

Yesterday, I went to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum with my cousin, his wife, their son and our niece. The niece is almost 2, the nephew almost 1, and with my aunt (the kids’ grandmother) in Japan for the moment, enjoying a richly deserved vacation, the parents have each taken a week off to watch both kids. Thus, museum trip yesterday.

It’s a great museum, honestly. It’s big and there’s lots for kids to do. The niece loved the slide (and the tunnel below it). They had an exhibit on Japanese culture, including koi no bori (banners of colorful flying cod, for Children’s Day) and Japanese dolls behind a case (to which I took my niece and said, “Look, like Baba’s house!”) and even a Japanese dinner table set up with chopsticks and tea pots and miso soup bowls. (Once again, prompting me to hold up the kids and say, “Like Baba’s house!”)

I don’t know Brooklyn well at all–in fact, I can count the number of times I’ve been there as under 10 (twice to the aquarium, three times to take CLEP, once to brunch in DUMBO). I don’t really understand the yuppie preoccupation with it. I’m a Queens girl. Brooklyn just seems mad far to me.

I read a manuscript recently about Brooklyn–specifically, the Crown Heights riots, which I don’t remember at all, since I was about 6 when it happened. Funny thing is, I just Google Mapped the museum and I was basically in Crown Heights yesterday. The museum is on Brooklyn Avenue, in between Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy.

Plus, this week, I’ve read two manuscripts that deal with Guatemala in some way and I have blissfully not thought of my own book nor read it and resisted the urge to fiddle with it again.

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