WTF Boston? 2

I think everyone has heard of Boston drivers. They are notorious. The Roommate, who hails from NH, once confirmed for me that up there, they can tell when a person is from Massachusetts by their driving. To quote from wikiTravel's page on Boston: As mentioned above, Boston area drivers are not known for their courtesy … Continue reading WTF Boston? 2


So this is a blog on critiques, specifically giving them. Interesting, interesting. The blogger linked in a page of a manuscript she had a crit buddy read. Her favorite comment from her friend? "Ruh roh."

Synopses Are The Devil. And Other Thoughts.

I've wondered if the story is too complicated (which it probably is--soul swapping plus past "it's complicated" relationship plus family discord plus dead parents who killed themselves...). I think about the books I like. Atonement, my favorite book, is not exactly a walk in the park. It's painful and hard to read in parts and … Continue reading Synopses Are The Devil. And Other Thoughts.