November is National Novel Writing Month

The cold, bitter, gray days of winter are ahead of us and November is national novel writing month. is  a month-long event of novel writing–50,000 words to be precise by the end of the month. A month of written verbal vomit. Ignoring my ponderous inner editor. I just registered as an official participant. There are daily word counts to be updated and articles on the site I have to read—the only rule is that I can’t use anything I’ve written beforehand.

So I’m going to get 50,000 words of Iggy down in November. I’ve been researching. I have an outline going. But I’m not sure where and what the story is really about–and what better opportunity to get it down?

Last year, I couldn’t do NanoWrimo because I already had 20,000 words of Last Request down before November 1st.

In other news, I got my first issue of Writer’s Digest in the mail yesterday and I am flipping through it, particularly the article about online forums and critique groups. Maybe I’ll get lucky this November and find someone other Nanowrimos!

And yes, in addition, I am scribbling over the hard copy of Last Request.

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