Iggy’s Summary

I have been on the NaNoWriMo boards like nobody’s business. They’re amazingly fun. There’s a forum for authors divided by age group, another about working out your plot, finding facts and references for your plot, there are forums  for stories divided by genre (I firmly live in the Historical Fiction forum–so many interesting plots and facts. If you post something, someone is going to reply with links to information for you! It’s awesome!)

I just posted a topic asking for more information for 1520s France and Italy and the Netherlands, because while I know and can imagine a story set in Tudor England quite easily (and picture Henry Cavill as the Duke of Suffolk. Yum), the other European countries at the time…not so much.

Anyways, I sort of finished my synopsis for Iggy to post on my NaNo profile and thought I’d post it here, too.

The bastard son of a Catholic monk and nun comes of age during the English Reformation.
Ignatius FitzClement was born in a Yorkshire priory. Aged 10, his routine world changes when a young girl named Isabel comes into the priory orphanage, Ignatius is sent to the learned monk Clement to begin his true education, and Iggy finds out who his parents are–Brother Clement and Sister Benedicta.
As he grows up in the early part of King Henry VIII’s reign, Iggy must grapple with his loyalty to the Church and to his parents: his father, who is increasingly in favor of reforming, and his mother, who insists Iggy’s conception was a sin. Iggy must also balance his two childhood friends, Isabel and Tom, and the wishes of his social-climbing uncle, Sir Robert.
Ignatius travels through 1520s and 1530s Europe: experiencing the Renaissance in France and Italy; experiencing war between France and the Holy Roman Empire, seeing Martin Luther speak, and watching as King Henry takes down the power of the Catholic Church–by divorce, by law, by executions and by suppressing the largest rebellion against his power, the Pilgrimage of Grace.

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