Nano: Day 6

I have hit and passed the 10,000 word mark. I am at 10, 113 words right now and stay tuned for what the final word count of the day will be.

I was in the middle of a passage about sheep shearing, of all things. Seriously, the tangents one goes off on when you know you need to write more than a thousand words a day. But in this case, it actually fits in with the story. Catholic institutions, like my fake priory, owned lots of farming and grazing land before Henry VIII took it away and doled it out to his aristocrats. And Yorkshire is known for its sheep. And Hull, the closest city to my fake village, was a wool-and-cloth-trading city. And there’s a link to these trades coming up later in this novel.

Think I’ll take a break, a shower and possibly a nap and then move on to early 1513, with Iggy confronting his parents–like, “hey, you’re my parents! You lied to me!” (but much more wordy, of course)

On another note, I went to a concert last night at a venue in the city called Terminal 5. I saw The Script, live, and they were amazing. My friend and I agreed that any time they’re touring in the States and come to New York, we will be there. They put on a great show.

So I made a short list of things I learned about The Script from the show last night.

1) Danny O’Donoghue (lead singer, keyboards) drunk dials. Thus, a new song on their album, called “Nothing.” (The album is available here January of next year–I bought it as an import last night on Amazon).

2) Everyone knows the words to “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.” And if you sing it very loudly and correctly, you will likely make Danny tear up.

3) All age groups—twenties, thirties, forties, even older. Teenagers. Children. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic. Boys and girls. Of that, a quarter or more of the audience screamed when asked, “How many Irish are in the house?”
Apparently us Irish are very loud.

4)”Rusty Halo” is that much more awesome live. Really.

Anything to add, Jess?

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