Nano: Day 15 (Halfway point!!)

You know how authors say their novels come from great sparks of emotion or some great sense of inspiration?

Like, Last Request, while not great (yet) came about because I wondered what it would be like to be someone else for a minute–and because I was reading Time Traveler’s Wife at 4 am.

Wanna know how this story came about?

The Tudors, ladies. And also inspired by one particular jockey statue on 108th Street near 71st/ Continental with a fabulously tight ass. And the pretentious building names on 108th Street, like The Woodrow Wilson. The Clement. The…whatever.

This feels like the answer Johnny Depp gave when asked where he looked to for inspiration for Jack Sparrow.

“Keith Richards…and Pepe Le Pew.”

Also: if you look to the side panel on the bloglist, you will notice one blog called Getting Past The Gatekeeper. This is the agent I intern for–I sent her a link to one of the pep talks from Nano. She’s posted it today on her blog.

And: a friend told me to tell her if there was a Backstreet Boys reference in this story. There is, along with a Harry Potter reference. If you have any other allusions you’d like to me make (old high schools jokes, Lord of the Rings, Script songs), post them down below–might as well take advice from the Nano pep talks and follow tangents and not fall into middle-of-the-book despair.

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