End of Chapter 2

I think this is when I gave up trying to write in organized chapters. Or even, in fact, in organized narration. “Père,” Iggy recited. “Pater.”            “Yes. You see how ‘pater’ became ‘father.’” Clement said.             Iggy nodded vigourously. “They sound alike.”            “Yes, and they mean the same thing,” Clement said. “You know what ‘pater’ means from … Continue reading End of Chapter 2

End of Chapter 1/ Beginning of Chapter 2

After Vespers, in the dark, Clement walked the cloisters. His tunic was not enough to protect him from the biting cold, but he suffered it for the moment. He would begin tomorrow’s lesson time with Ignatius by introducting Aesop’s Fables and teaching the boy the basics of the ancient Greek alphabet. Then in the next … Continue reading End of Chapter 1/ Beginning of Chapter 2

In the spirit of taking a day off, here’s another post

The midday meal was the largest one taken at the priory. The nuns sat in their refectory and the monks in their own, taking their meals in silence except for a reader, but the priory staff and the children took their meals in the orphanage’s rather grandiosely-named Great Hall.             Two long trestle tables lined … Continue reading In the spirit of taking a day off, here’s another post

More From the NaNo…

Chapter OneJanuary 1510            The bells were silent. Still full-dark out, the only light in the long gallery room came from the dying embers in the huge hearth. Ignatius FitzClement rolled over, his mattress rustling, and eyed the sliver of the window. No light shone. The rest of the window was covered against the harsh January … Continue reading More From the NaNo…