Tramping Around a Bookstore

I hung out with a friend last night, which invariably means a trip to Barnes & Noble. While there, I managed to frown at the great majority of the fiction aisles, read the first page to Ken Follett’s World Without End (which is next on my To Be Read Pile, once I get me some gift cards for Christmas), found the few books on Tudor England to be repetitive (I don’t care about his six wives, dammit! Tell me about the government or the conflict between church and state…), and read most of a book on Writing Historical Fiction and realized that it does me no good at all.

I’m still writing Iggy, but the expansion has slowed a little–I still need to research more and there was a huge part of the plot (one which triggers Iggy’s European adventures) that I was having trouble deciding on. I’m writing what was, during NaNo, the prologue–Iggy watches the King’s troops destroy the priory he grew up in–and Iggy is taking his wife on a tour of the destroyed priory.

I finished reading The Pillars of the Earth last night. I watched the miniseries earlier this year and loved it, especially the acting, but man, the book is amazing. It’s epic in scope–centers around the building of the cathedral in the 1100s in  England and all the politics, religion, and people involved in that endeavor and it’s amazing. The more and more I’ve been developing and writing Iggy’s story, the more I think my story is less about Iggy only, but also about the other inhabitants of the priory as well. I already had portions of it written 3rd person POV from Iggy and his parents and uncle’s point of view, so I think that’s where this story wants to go. I mean, this whole idea was triggered because I am genuinely moved by the idea of the Pilgrimage of Grace in 1536–a bunch of northern Englishman who were still Catholic and didn’t appreciate their religion being torn away by their king.

It’s hard to put myself in Iggy’s place. I’m not English, I’m not Catholic, I don’t live in the 1500s. My mother is not a nun and my father is not a monk. I wasn’t brought up in a religious institution and I’m not witnessing having that ripped away, then rebels trying to take it back.

I barely got up to Iggy’s time in the royal court by the end of NaNo, so I need to condense time as well. Lots to do!

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