Iggy’s betrothal

As his guests watched the juggler perform amazing feats on the other side of the hall, Robert leaned casually toward his brother Richard.            "So," Robert said. "About the Routh girl?"            Richard nodded. "Yes. Thirteen now." Richard grabbed his cup and took a long sip of the excellent wine. "Time to at least think about her … Continue reading Iggy’s betrothal

This is where the journal entries started.

You become desperate, trying to hit word count every day :)In Routh, in the priory's nuns' dormitory, Tom Winters sat across a table from his tutor Brother Bernard and his caretakers, Sisters Benedicta and Catherine. Now fifteen years of age, the lad was well into the higher five-foot range, his body rangy and thin but … Continue reading This is where the journal entries started.

Robert tries to give Iggy "the talk"

"Part of becoming a man is marriage," Robert said.              Iggy glanced up from his book, a rather hefty tome on Greek grammar that Brother Clement exhorted him to study. He sat in Robert's study. His uncle had been engrossed in estate papers upon Ignatius' return from the priory and lessons.             "Yes, sir," Iggy … Continue reading Robert tries to give Iggy "the talk"