Wikispaces, a New Year and etc.

In between posting the portions of Iggy (I have no title) as I wrote it in November, I have been catching up on the various blogs I follow–finding new blogs to follow (Hello, Reasoning With Vampires)
–slowly (slowly) rewriting Iggy while doing a lot of thinking about it (Should I shorten the time setting? Why can’t I ever just focus on, say, five years instead of twenty or thirty?)
–working (inventory this week. Gross)
–making plans with friends I haven’t seen in what feels like forever (yay, movie!)
–playing with nieces and nephew
–and spending time with my musician cousin and my fanfic-reading cousin.

Hi, fanfic-reading cousin! *waves*

I’m finding that keeping this story in 3rd person is going to work, but the sheer multitude of characters means that I am using my separating stars (*** as a page break method) frequently. I am typing the various POVs in different colors, though. It’s largely to cut down on my own confusion.

Which is where Wikispaces comes in. Sort of. One of my favorite romance authors, Jo Beverley, is putting up a wiki on Wikispaces. She’s known for her very long and interconnected Regency stories, The Company of Rogues, and the Malloren family series. The Malloren series takes place in the 1760s and in addition to the actual Malloren family, she has also more recently written a trilogy that weaves in with the Mallorens–and her as-yet-unreleased trilogy is also taking place in that universe.

So she’s doing a wiki for her entire Georgian universe. It’s full of information on her characters and their settings, but also how the books connect. She also has research of the era up there as well. She is likely doing it to make her world and research organized and comprehensible.

I’ve been wondering how to make the research for Iggy’s story easier to keep track of, as well. Things like linking to Google Books or to Wikipedia or to other links, including pictures, in addition to character bios and a timeline. I have it all written down, but it’s not exactly easily searchable, and I have a ways to go in terms of research. Having it all in one place would be cool.

But do I want to go through the effort of a wiki or just write the damn thing?


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