ScriptFrenzy: Day 3

I have written 12 pages of script so far. I have no idea if it’s any good or not, but it’s entertaining because I decided to write a script about my day job.

You know, Adventures in Retail.

So far: the main character, Carly, has her job. We meet her family. We will meet her friends soon. And she’s figuring out the procedural business of her job–crap like who makes the schedules, the fitting room schedule, rods, out of town and next up, Carly’s first opening rally.

Time to layer on the “DAZZLE.” “Dazzle” is the script’s version of Magic Training. I am not going to tell you what is stands for because I haven’t figured out the last two letters yet.

I’m not sure what my erstwhile companions this month are writing–they haven’t updated page counts yet–but I feel less stressed, at least in my writing, because I don’t have to overthink it. I can go back into Iggy’s world with a fresher perspective.

I’m also nearly done with the first of two books a friend gave me. They take place around the French Revolution. The history’s there, but it’s not overdone. The heroine is cool. It’s an adventure story. Kind of reminded me of what I wanted Iggy to be when I first started outlining it.

And a friend and I agree that a mutual friend should create her own blog.

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