Script Frenzy: Day 13

I think I’ve finally managed to distill the utter WTF-ness of being an employee of a certain branch retail chain. 

Let’s see how my protagonist, Carly, learns about the weekly scorecard. 

Leslie leads Carly to one of the empty, unused registers. She pulls out papers from her folder. It is a chart of numbers, labeled Period 2, Week 4.

These are the weekly metrics.

With a manicured finger, Leslie points to the different statistics on the page.

Every week, this comes out. Your net sales, gross sales, returns. How much of your goal you did–I want that over 130% or else you don’t get the full percentage…

Carly seems puzzled by that.

You only got 101% of your goal this past week. Ring more, then it’ll go up.

But I passed my goals. 101%

But they don’t give you the points for anything below 120%.


The points system. If you call out, you get points.If you’re late, you get points…but those points are different from these points.

It’s twenty points for sales goal, then ten points for your average sale. Your average sale has to be over 51 every shift.

Carly and thus we, drift off to look at one of the signs nearby. In black and white, it reads: Jessica Simpson Jeggings, $19.99. Another sign advertises shirts for 40% off original price.

You know how you get that 51 dollars? Guess. Sell Guess. Dazzle the customer into buying anything Guess.(pause) Moving on, there’s IPT. Items per transaction. 

Leslie points to the page.

Yours is good. Could be higher. That needs to be 2.3. Sell the customer more than one item. Ring customers that only have three or more. Then there’s credit…you need to get me a credit. Here.

Leslie hands Carly a brochure for a Henley’s card.

It’s worth twenty points.Show this to the customers. Explain the benefits. You know, the 15% percent off. The coupons. You know that. Okay.

Leslie begins to step away.

I want you to get me a credit by the end of the night.

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