I've already written Mady's story in draft form and though I'm not sure how much of that will remain the same, her general arc and the events of her life are basically set.Madeline is the Miles's second daughter. She's born in late 1794 on a plantation in Barbados. Her mother is Delphine (which is a … Continue reading Mady

A succinct answer

I've been harping on about this to my non-romance-reading friends, but here's a quick explanation an author gave to a relative who doesn't read romance: I've said, the parameters feel a little tight to me at the moment, with my particular characters. It's because the focus so has to be on one thing and...well, as … Continue reading A succinct answer

Defining Historical Fiction: Historical Romance

Romance, as a genre, has a wide variety of categories: mystery, paranormal, contemporary, historical, erotic, courtship, blah blah blah. The book's focus is on the hero and heroine. They tend to be very dramatic and melodramatic. Sometimes there's an outer villain preventing the couple from getting together. Sometimes it's just society.I've read far too many … Continue reading Defining Historical Fiction: Historical Romance