Voices in my migraine-prone head

So in between dizziness and migraine problems (which, thankfully, are resolved as just migraines and not anything scary–I even have my MRI on a CD, should I wish to stare at my brain), I couldn’t stare at a computer for an extended period of time.

So while there was reading of books going down, not so on the writing end. I felt sort of confused, writing Iggy, not being sure where it was going, if I was doing the time period and the setting and the importance of what I saw as the theme justice. Then I decided to try my hand at finally writing a complete story for the pesky Keegan family. They’ve never quite left the back of my mind and I wanted to reframe their story into something historically-frothy-light-adventure-romance…ish. It would let me tell their story from a few different perspectives, get more in there besides a romance in fancy clothes.

I wanted to start with Mady, since I’ve already written her story. Then I couldn’t look at the dang computer for more than an hour or two at a time for a few weeks and somehow, I wondered about actually writing the backstory as a book on its own. Miles, the father, when he was younger, experiencing his growing business, his moral dilemma with slavery, his wife, his two daughters.

I started it. Then the migraines came back. Then thinking about the research I needed to make Boston in the 1790s and Barbados in the 1790s plausible made me nervous.

I got a book called Jane Austen: The World of Her Novels. Literally, everything from the locations she was writing about, to the social customs of the time, the social hierarchy, clothes, marriage, religion. I knew a fair bit of this stuff, from reading Regency-set romance novels, but it’s great to have a source with all of it. Plus, it has maps and pictures! Yay!

So I’m back to writing about Mady, but from her childhood when the family moves to England at first. Let’s see how this goes.

My head does not work properly if I’m not writing something at all times, apparently. When the dizziness disappeared, I was feeling confused, trying to decide which idea to go with and not knowing which one. Felt like white noise in my brain with all these dang characters talking to me at the same time.

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