Post from the blog that brought us NaNo

Read it, thought it was interesting : seem to dive into ideas without knowing everything about the setting or, especially, characters. Which is fine, but it annoys Buzzy and then, you know, I have to revise and....I'm not exactly very good at that yet.I kind of like the idea of just free writing the idea … Continue reading Post from the blog that brought us NaNo

Regency House Party, or, visual research

This is Part One of Regency House Party. I'm only up to watching Part 9 on YouTube. It's interesting because it's obviously modern people trying to live by Regency era rules and customs--analogous to me writing a story taking place in that time and trying not to litter my characters with too many modern notions … Continue reading Regency House Party, or, visual research


Alexandra Keegan is born in January 1794 in Boston. She is Miles Keegan's oldest child, though he doesn't meet her until she's a few months old, because he's settled in Barbados and gotten married. Alex's mother, who she doesn't know much about except that she's American, named Mary, and was likely part Native American, was … Continue reading Alexandra