A short post on concert (or really, any live performance) etiquette

A few things one should never do during a concert, play, musical…but this one is more about concerts, since I was just at one. With contributions by Sunny. 

1. Videos and pictures are awesome! Take them! However, if you’re going to be at a show and insist on staring at your iphone/crackberry the entire time, either monitoring twitter or Facebook, then perhaps you should go to the nearest cafe and do that kind of thing there. 

2. No cheerleading formations, please. Especially if there’s been drinking!

3. Please don’t try to impress your valley girl girlfriend by making ludicrous statements such as, “I like the first band [SafetySuit] better than the Script.” Really man, it’s just embarrassing, they are the headlining act for a reason. So unless you work for Rolling Stone just shut up and hold her drinks.

4. To the crazy ninjas in the crowd: Please don’t shove your elbows into people’s faces after you spent half the concert on your fancy picnic blanket. I’m not the reason you are entirely devoid of common sense. Your elbow joint is mean to connect three bones: the humerus of the upper arm, and the paired radius and ulna of the forearm. Or in your case to text message and updated your facebook status all night long so you can remember what you did the morning after. There is a three-strike policy on inappropriate use of elbows. Next time you decide to go all concert ninja on someone, remember Harry Potter is going to zap those suckers away.

5. Don’t come to a concert with a group of friends and then proceed to act like you don’t care/ are too cool to be there. If you grow bored, then go in the back and give the rest of us more up-front space. 

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