NaNoWriMo ’11

November 1st is the start of NaNoWriMo–November is National Novel Writing Month–where people from across the globe will gather together, drink lots of coffee, forsake any kind of social life during the dreary month of November in a quest to write 50,000 words of a novel.

I participated (and won) last year–with Iggy, the child of a monk and a nun. While the story itself turned out not-so-great, I had a blast doing it and it taught me some valuable things about the writing process.

I wasn’t sure what to do during this November. After all, I’ve been puttering away on Miles’s portion of the Great Regency Adventure for the better part of this year and I’ve not really got anywhere. Granted, I think it’s more crafted a first draft than any of the others, but it’s a long way from done yet.

But NaNo is really meant to be about writing a new novel–the rationale being that continuing on old projects will only make meeting the daily word count of 1667 words difficult, because you’re already in the process of researching and possibly editing bits as you write.

So I was thinking of writing one of the daughters’ stories instead. But I don’t know, I really want to finish the story I’m working on and 50,000 words or so should finish it. So I’m kind of cheating this year. If I finish the WIP before the deadline and word count are finished, then I’ll move on to the sequels.

Of course, anything I write during November will be in a different document and the word count updates will only reflect what I’ve written during NaNo and not before.

Last year, it was more about stamina–I had never written that many words so consistency. I’m a slow writer–50 words there, 500 words there–so having the statistics and graphs on the NaNo site to show me what I was doing was amazing.

This year, my main challenge might be finding the time to write so much, as Real Life has come to fore in the past few weeks.

I’ll be posting throughout November, probably to complain or to share the excellent pep talks that are emailed to participants. And if you’re participating, feel free to commiserate here or NaNo Buddy me.

It really is easier if you’re doing it among friends 🙂

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