NaNo: Day 28

I have hit 50,000 words. That is, I actually hit 50,081 words two minutes ago. I'm going to finish this scene, write the last sequence, and then validate my word count for NaNoWriMo, likely sometime tomorrow.I finished! I won!Editing, here I come.

NaNo: Day 23

Current Word Count: 44,121Received another amazing pep talk, this time talking about writing habits that NaNo can instill. Love all the points about thinking about your character during mundane moments like doing laundry.In the year 2002, Thanksgiving in the U.S. fell relatively late in the month of November. So it was that on November 30th, … Continue reading NaNo: Day 23

Downton Abbey Predictions, Part Deux

Edited to add:┬áServants' Ball PicturesContinuing on with my previous ruminations on the fate of the characters of Downton. What do all of you think is going to happen? If you know more about the history of this time period (1920), then how do you think it'll affect the denizens of Downton Abbey?Branson: I'll confess to … Continue reading Downton Abbey Predictions, Part Deux