NaNo: Day 11

It’s Veterans’ Day. Today, at 11:00 am, the Armistice that ended World War One came into effect.

I suppose, for me, having watched Downton’s second series already, the show naturally comes to mind when thinking about WWI.

There’s a challenge going on on the NaNo forums today, to either write for 11 hours or to write 11,111 words. I’m going to try for the 11,111 words, but we’ll see.

In addition to the excellent Write or Die, I’m finding that having my Word doc on Full Screen view hides the mounting word count. Which means that I’m not staring at the word count and calculating it against the NaNo stats over and over again.

In my trolling of the NaNo forums, I came across a few topics about Nano’ers not feeling supported in their writing.  It might be Week Two downslide, but those kinds of topics break my heart a little bit.

I have my moments of “God, this sucks” and “Who the hell is going to read this?” while I’m writing anything, even this blog. It tends to come out of nowhere, that attitude, and it serves no purpose.

Yeah, it sucks. It’s a Shitty First Draft. It’s supposed to suck. When I finish this come November 30, I’ll go about figuring out my revision process, which is the part of the writing process that I haven’t figured out for myself yet because I tend to become impatient with my ms. I don’t really know how to revise an entire book as opposed to a 7-page essay, okay? These things take time.

As for “who the hell is going to read this,” well, no one, except maybe a few trusted people, should they feel accommodating. I actually feel a great deal of comfort, knowing that no one is going to see the first draft and maybe not even see the second draft. It’s still my baby.

As for lack of support and snarky individuals, I say fuck ’em. I have a small support system, so small that it often feels like they’ve disappeared off somewhere. But in order to write and afterwards, even attempt to get published, you won’t do any of it if you don’t support yourself. You have to write your novel, short story, term paper, brief, blog post, snarky answer on a stupid sales model form…yourself. Nobody else will do it for you and as nobody really thinks or sees things like everybody else, your approach and ideas are unique.

I think for me, writing is part and parcel of who I am. Take it or leave it. Believe it or not. It comes with the package. It’s a developing package, however. I think it might feel tiresome to some people to hear that someone is writing or participating in NaNoWriMo or ScriptFrenzy or something like it, but what are they going to do with it? It’s just a lark. It’s only a hobby. It’s totally something I can devalue about that person, they think

The publishing process is not easy. It’s probably as soul-destroying in some ways as job searching. Have I attempted it yet? No. Why? Why not? Why bother writing so much and having a blog and ranting and dealing with these complicated historical time periods and doing Nano and revising and doing all this to yourself for so long? Why aren’t you published yet?

One, I think that shows a profound lack of knowledge about book publishing. Two, because of the state of the publishing industry, it’s likely that I could just e-book it and have it sold on Amazon. But most importantly is Three.

I want my work to be the best I can make it with my current writing and editing abilities. And if I say it’s not ready, I’m not being modest. It’s really not ready yet.

All right. Rant over.

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