NaNo: Day 16: Dancing Through

Current word count: 32, 448.

I’m finding that I have a real affection for the gossiping trio of Mrs. Henson, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Thomas. They are the old biddies of the village, who love to talk about everyone.

I finally finished Emma by Jane Austen late last night. I love the way the village of Highbury and its citizens are depicted, the way the social hierarchy is lived within the book. And of course, there is Mr. Knightley. I’ve decided that he surpasses Mr. Darcy for me.

I finished writing a ball scene yesterday–an event which the trio of biddies were gossiping about today, of course. Apparently, Lord and Lady Banston throw a huge Christmas ball the day after Christmas every year and people come from miles around to attend.

I used to think that dancing at the time was very graceful and decorous and intricate. Yeah, it’s all of those things, I suppose, depending on the dance.

Maybe it’s because I was reading Emma and watching the recent miniseries version of it, but this dance scene stuck in my mind as I was writing my ball and its country dances: Emma 2009

Looks like fun, no?

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