Downton Abbey Predictions, Part Deux

Edited to add: Servants’ Ball Pictures

Continuing on with my previous ruminations on the fate of the characters of Downton. What do all of you think is going to happen? If you know more about the history of this time period (1920), then how do you think it’ll affect the denizens of Downton Abbey?

Branson: I’ll confess to a bit of a crush on Branson. So I hope he’s good to Sybil and doesn’t get himself into trouble during the Irish War. It would be amazing if he and Sybil came back to Downton Abbey during the Christmas special, all loved up and happy. Also, since he’s a journalist, I wouldn’t mind seeing him bring about Carlisle’s fall from grace somehow. I’m sure Carlisle has some shady dealings (spies, anybody?). Maybe Branson could find out about them, thus saving Mary from marrying the guy? 
Carson: I wonder if there will still be maids serving in the dining room?
Mrs. Hughes: I wonder if Joe Burns from Scotland will be making an appearance again. 
Thomas: I want Thomas to still be that little bit evil. Does he stay at Downton or does he get a job elsewhere? Does he backstab somebody to get that other job? Does he finally get a viable love interest? And of course, is he still snarky? 
O’Brien: I think O’Brien will only become more protective of Cora. I wonder, though, if she is still close to Thomas or if she begins to show some sympathy towards Anna because of Bates’s situation. 
Bates: Will he finally drop the overly noble attitude? Is he going to be on trial? What comes out at the trial? And finally, did he kill Vera? (I would personally kind of think it’s awesome if he did). 
Anna: Poor Anna. I hope she gets something good coming to her in Season 3. 
Daisy: I wonder if Daisy will stop feeling guilty about her marriage to William. Will she accept the widows’ pension? Will she visit Mr. Mason? Will she actually fall in love? 
Mrs. Patmore: Umm….any storyline suggestions for Mrs. Patmore? 
Jane: Will she make a reappearance? 
Evelyn Napier: What happened to him? Did he survive the war? 
Carlisle: If he marries Mary, is he still a controlling nouveau riche type or does he soften? Does he pay the taxes on Downton Abbey post-war? Does he reveal Mary’s secret? Did he have a hand in killing Vera Bates? 

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