My Thanksgiving Weekend

Now that I am done (done! done!) with NaNoWriMo, I can get back to a more normal blogging schedule, which is lovely.

As part of NaNoWriMo, Writer’s Digest was offering free e-book editions of a few writing and publishing related books, which I snatched up because they were free. So, this December, as I’m editing, shaping, rewriting, inserting research, writing better and hopefully, you know, actually revising and completing a viable second or third draft,
I’m going to read through my free ebooks to see if I can glean any novel writing knowledge on what to do when revising.

This ain’t over yet. I’m not actually finished with my NaNo either; I have a few scenes left before I run out of time to validate and win. After that, I think I might bury it for a few days or a week, maybe give it to a reader, and then figure out how to revise the hell out of it.

Any of you have any revision tips? 

I want to start back to regular blogging by telling you about my rather wacky, short-on-writing, long-on-working-hours Thanksgiving weekend.

My family doesn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving. We don’t gorge ourselves on food. Which is lucky, because this year, my Black Friday started at 6 am.

That’s not because I was one of those crazy people waiting for stores to open. I work in retail, which means that my workplace opened at midnight Friday and my shift began at 6. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how crazy it would get, but it wasn’t terrible. It was just long–ten hours, nine of which were spent standing, walking around, pacing, etc.

Saturday, I went in at 6pm until closing. Felt crazier than Friday, actually. The lines at the registers were very long. People were just that touch testier. But my department managed to sort, clean and put back 15 rods’ worth of clothes, so we were exhausted, but quite pleased with ourselves.

Sunday, an eight hour shift. Returns galore. You see–here’s the thing I don’t understand. Why buy something if you’re only going to bring it back two days later? Why? Because you used to it to make up the amount for the coupon? Really?

Also, do you realize that Black Friday is a corporate construct meant to drain you of your cash for crap you don’t need?

And, yes, lady, the fitting room is closed. The store closes in 15 minutes, of course the fitting room is closed.

And why are you coming into the store ten minutes before closing to find the longest line on the floor to return something? Seriously? People, it’s a large store. There is more than one register here. Return it somewhere else!

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