Voila! C’est fini!

Excuse the French. I saw The Artist tonight.In more American parlance:OH. EM. GEE.I finished my Shitty First Draft!It is gloriously confused, rife with telling, rambling, with mixed tenses, horrible grammar, half-assed research, definite out-of-character moments, repetition of the word "indeed," and no discernible plotline.It was written as a dragging piece of New Angle on Old … Continue reading Voila! C’est fini!

Horwood’s Map of London–visual research

When writing about a bygone era, maps become important. I mean, yes, there is a certain amount of "making it up"--the village and estates where most of the action is taking place in this Shitty First Draft are made up completely--but I know that it's located between Bristol and Bath in the southwest of England, … Continue reading Horwood’s Map of London–visual research