Sh*t Writers Say

I wonder if you guys have seen this video on YouTube:I LOVE "How does my book end?!!" and "Can somebody fix my book?"Here's the flip side. What non-writers say. It's the truth, by the way. I'm pretty sure I've heard all of these phrases at least once in my life.

5 novels

I joined the AbsoluteWrite forums the other day and realized, while I was writing a post, that I have written five novels.1) Book the First2) The Keegans, version 1.03) Last Request4) Iggy the unfinished5) My current WIP, Keegan, version 2.1Really? When did that happen?Which is hilarious, when you think about it, because I've written all … Continue reading 5 novels

Things I’ve Learned About My Writing/Revising Process

I have had this blog for three years. I have had it open to anyone who happens to know how to work Google for...about a year? Year and a half? It's mostly a self-indulgent venture, sort of an electronic, multimedia, social version of my teenage journals, except it's happier, less whingey-moony-annoying and mostly about my … Continue reading Things I’ve Learned About My Writing/Revising Process

"I’m Going To My Mind Palace."

Have I ever mentioned how much I love BBC's Sherlock (shown in America on PBS)? I adore it: the intricate cases, the acting, the long-winded deductions, Sherlock, Watson, the snarkiness, the floating text, the writing. Sherlock going to his "mind palace," a phrase that I am now stealing.I even taped it on my bedroom wall.

Interior Decorating For Writers

Reading another writer's words--whether in their work, their letters or memoirs, or just a simple, pithy quote--can be enormously inspirational. My very lavender walls used to have posters on it. Movie poster there, photos there, magazine picture of an actor I had a crush on there, collage my friends and I made of a band we … Continue reading Interior Decorating For Writers