Downton Abbey, Season 3 spoilers

PBS had their Downton Abbey season 3 panel on Saturday and these are some spoilers from the third season trailer.New cast photo:And spoilers, below:Via Sybil and Branson return to Downton Abbey. Carson is not happy about it.2. Robert loses the money, even Cora's money.3. Mary and Matthew bicker over something.4. Yes, Cora's mother comes … Continue reading Downton Abbey, Season 3 spoilers


i just noticed that this blog hit 5,000 pageviews yesterday. Cool!To wit: Remember the last post? About the Story of England by Michael Wood? Well, I came across a link to an article Michael Wood wrote, about Britain's first black community, dating from Elizabeth England.I love the excerpts from the parish register. A real taste … Continue reading 5,000 views

The Story of England and small villages

My dad will readily admit to not having an imagination. By this, he means that he doesn't read novels. He likes movies, but prefers documentaries. He doesn't follow serialized television, but the DVR is rather full of documentaries and reality TV.One of these recent documentary series on our DVR takes care of both of us. … Continue reading The Story of England and small villages