Downton Abbey series 3 press pack

The Downton Abbey press pack for series 3 is now out: Press pack. Interesting things are going to happen to our beloved estate and characters in 1920.For those afraid of spoilers, the press pack doesn't necessarily spell everything out, exactly. There are new characters this season belowstairs as well.

A Troublesome Plot Line

I doubt that novel writing by polling ever actually works, but...From quickmeme.comOkay. I'm revising. You know that. I had this storyline (which I expressed my doubts about here). Basically, the daughters of my protagonist: the older one is white. The younger one is half black. They have different mothers. Stir in a merchant father, the … Continue reading A Troublesome Plot Line

A Little Fanfiction Interlude

As I'm slogging through revision--and debating whether to completely delete a particular storyline in favor of something a little less melodramatic--I got some creative renewal last week by going to see Once the musical on Broadway.All of this means that my friend and I made up a mini-fanfic in the middle of Times Square on … Continue reading A Little Fanfiction Interlude