Things My Characters Do (Which I’m Now Crossing Out)

1. My characters are always looking somewhere. "Miles looked at..." "Lady Banston eyed the..." "Mady looked at..." As most of the POV is from Miles's POV, then it's pretty obvious most of the time that he is doing the looking, no? Cross out.2. Characters are turning to look at something (even worse than simply "looking"). … Continue reading Things My Characters Do (Which I’m Now Crossing Out)


I know a subplot when I see one. Subplots are secondary plotlines involving supporting characters. Sometimes they ┬álink with the main character's storyline, sometimes they don't.As I have my editorial cap on at the moment--reading my printed out WIP ten or twenty pages at a time, marking it up, making notes, etc.--I'm taking note of … Continue reading Subplots

Hard Copy Time: Another Part of the Revising Process

It's time to break out the cute Hello Kitty pens and get scribbling.There's something playful about scribbling, crossing out, circling, writing notes and questions on a printed out version of your story, no matter how long it is.I remember the last time I did a revision--Last Request--and I went a wee bit overboard on the … Continue reading Hard Copy Time: Another Part of the Revising Process

On Sybil

This post contains spoilers. Don't read if you haven't been watching the latest season of Downton Abbey.I've been reading spoilers as the new series of Downton Abbey goes along. One of the big ones--inciting hysteria on Tumblr and on message boards--was that Sybil, the youngest Crawley daughter, now married to Tom Branson the ex-chauffeur--would give … Continue reading On Sybil