Transitions Are A Nuisance

Transitions. By definition, a transition is a word, scene, page break, scene break, summarization that eases the reader from one part of a fictional story to the next in the narrative or to a different point of view.Phrases like "Afterwards" and "Three days later" and "In the autumn" are transitional phrases.Transitions tend to be part … Continue reading Transitions Are A Nuisance

Casting Your Characters: What Do They Look Like?

Inspired by this thread on the AW forums.I realized somewhere in the course of this WIP that I didn't know what my characters looked like, beyond basics: if they were tall or short, blond or brunette or in-between, what color their eyes were, and if they were pale or olive-skinned or brown.I have a folder … Continue reading Casting Your Characters: What Do They Look Like?

Downton Abbey promotion in the U.S.

The third season of Downton Abbey airs in the U.S. from January 6th. The cast has been hither and yon promoting the show. Here are some links to their appearances. This post will be added to as more promotion occurs.Downton Abbey on NightlineDownton Abbey cast on The Today ShowDownton Abbey on The View-Part 1Downton Abbey … Continue reading Downton Abbey promotion in the U.S.