My Beta sent me these

My dear Beta read the WIP and, thankfully, didn’t totally hate it. Which is something, because I have a rabid hatred of the last twenty pages.

She ripped into the bits that deserved it (truthfully, she could have ripped into it more, which she may still do as we talk about this draft more) and noted the parts she liked, which is always good for an insecure neurotic writer to see.

Plus, she got the stiff Englishman jokes. Irreverent comments in the margins of my books make me smile. Such as: “Were you channeling Downton Abbey with this line?”

Actually, Beta’s comments were: “Overall, it’s pretty good. Took me a while to get into the story though.”

(I have yet to hear at what point she got into the story, but I can guess. That current first chapter is crap.)

She said I have a good grasp on the plot. (Yay!)

Too much action toward the end. (Precipitated by my lack of a concrete climax-and-denouement.)

Best moments are when Miles shares tender moments with the girls. (Made me SO happy to read that.)

And she sent me these today:

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