An Update to Concert Etiquette

An edit and update of this past post: A short post on concert (or really, any live performance) etiquette

I went to a concert last night and I’ve been to a few plays in the past few months. So, here we go:

Continuing on:

6. Don’t text during a musical. Just don’t.

7. For the love of the God, learn how to turn your phone to silent.

8. Shut up during the quieter songs.

9. I can understand shuffling around in your seats to get a better view or because you have to go to the bathroom or want to get something to drink, but could you not do it every five seconds? Honestly.

10. Don’t shout across the section trying to propose a switch between you and some strangers because the strangers are sitting closer to your friends.

11. It’s okay to laugh when something is funny. Just because It’s The Theater doesn’t mean it’s not allowed.

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