Things People Don’t Tell You About Your Twenties

I had a long chat with one of my best friends recently--she is usually sort of inaccessible, due to law school--but now she's on vacation.We've known each other since high school, which is now 9 years ago, so we've shared, grown and discussed the often painful aspects of growing into our twenties.I've read a lot … Continue reading Things People Don’t Tell You About Your Twenties

3 Up Blog Hop

One of the things I am enjoying about blogging and participating on a writers' forum and commiserating with my fellow writers and bloggers is the sense of community. Randi Lee organized 3 Up! to spread positive vibes over the blogosphere.You can learn more about the 3 Up! Blog Hop at Randi's blog, The Emotional Process … Continue reading 3 Up Blog Hop