The New Normal

For most of my life, I was able to eat whatever I wanted. I drank milk the way some people drink water. I was raised, like my background, on a mix of foods. When I think of “comfort food,” white rice with furikake, miso soup, baked chicken and mashed potatoes comes to mind. Probably not at the same meal though.

But in the last year or so, I’ve noticed a sensitivity to milk. It was a little surprising, but not a huge deal. My mother is lactose intolerant and in general has a sensitive stomach. It looked like, for once, I did not inherit the crappy genetics. So instead of whole milk, there was soy milk and less yogurt and life moved on.

And then–I want to say last year–I ate a plate of take-out pasta with cheese. Yummy. Until the stomach ache afterward, which lasted an entire week.

When it happened again after eating something else and this time included acid reflux, I went to my doctor, who sent me for an endoscopy. It was clean.

I’m finally getting back to eating normal food after another lactose flare-up from Easter, which had me off all the dairy, including cheese, which hadn’t bothered me before. Because I had a tiny piece of ice cream cake on Easter,
my digestive system proceeded to flip out pretty much every time I ate anything. Except for the blandest of noodles and mushy rice, any kind of food would result in heartburn, gas, chest pains, and acid reflux. There was a lot of burping going on.

Apparently, an astounding 90% of Asians develop lactose intolerance as adults. I guess my digestive system decided that it was Asian.

I’m finally, finally back to a sense of equilibrium, but I doubt that I’ll be able to chomp down on greasy, fatty, overly sugary foods with reckless abandon ever again, if my mom’s sensitive belly is anything to go by. I’m still hesitant about eating fairly routine foods.

Truth is, as I was dealing with a rebellious stomach through April, I didn’t write very much. That is, I was preoccupied and couldn’t concentrate on the trials of my characters, even if it was a revision and I already knew what was going to happen to most of them. But as my stomach issues have improved, I’m back in the right headspace to chip away at the revision. I’m nearly up to 200 pages. Very excited!

So, anyway, that’s my new normal. Back to my characters’ new sense of normality, which currently includes a new village and a baronet’s wife.

2 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. Problems like that are distracting. I haven't written the last few days because I messed around and ate pizza on Sunday. I have a problem with caesin. The wrong kind of cheese gives me migraines and digestive upset. 😦 I usually just avoid it altogether. Glad you're feeling better!


  2. I'm still feeling out what I can eat and how much and when, but I haven't had dairy at all since Easter. It's annoying because it's recent. But yeah, I am feeling better. Migraines are the worst. I hope yours is gone. I get them when I have PMS.


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