3 Up Blog Hop

One of the things I am enjoying about blogging and participating on a writers’ forum and commiserating with my fellow writers and bloggers is the sense of community. Randi Lee organized 3 Up! to spread positive vibes over the blogosphere.

You can learn more about the 3 Up! Blog Hop at Randi’s blog, The Emotional Process of Writing a Novel. My designated “Upee” is Carolyn Brown. I don’t know Carolyn, but I launched myself into my very first blog hop by reading Carolyn’s posts. Do check her blog out. These are my ups:

1) Carolyn likes to connect with her fellow bloggers and writers. Her blog’s sidebar displays badges from many different groups, awards and blog hops, which tells me that she is a very participatory and friendly blogger, involved in the writing blogosophere community.

2) During the A-Z Challenge, Carolyn chose to write book reviews. Her reviews are astute, succinct and show enthusiasm toward reading and to giving authors some exposure via her blog. I thought that in itself showed a great deal of encouragement and generosity.

3) Unique layout. I don’t normally like light text on a dark background, but I like the look of it on Carolyn’s blog. The page contains a lot of information, but everything is in its own box and there’s plenty of space to give the eyes time to process it. Also, I love the background pattern and the banner, with C.M. Brown’s books prominently displayed.

To end my first ever blog hop, I thought I’d take a quote from one of Carolyn’s posts: “I have no insecurities or other worries to complain about, except dramas at work, but hey, c’est la vie!”

8 thoughts on “3 Up Blog Hop

  1. Michelle–thanks again for participating in this, for the shout out, and for taking care of a fellow blogger. Excellent, well articulated Ups. I love them, and you're a shining star for doing this!!!


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