Dear Book the First,

Dear Book the First,

The other night I started reading a multi-chapter fanfiction. I enjoyed it because it was cute, fluffy and light. And, of course, in the meantime, I’m writing myself into a stupor because I’m almost done with this third draft, so reading something else for a sec was a mental break.

But something about this fanfic made me think of you, Book the First, so the other day, I reread you in your entirety for the first time in years.

I’m sorry that I’ve called you “bad.” It was the best I could do at the time and you’re not actually that terrible.

I mean, yes, there were parts of it that made me cringe and roll my eyes at my own writing ignorance at the time. And there are things in there that are just shoehorned in for absolutely no purpose. And the POV leaves a little to be desired. But the point of writing you, Book the First, was to bring the story to a close and I did that. So I’ll stop referring to you as the “bad one.”

The “bad one” should only apply to that one truly appalling fanfiction I wrote that one time when I was 19. Something about France and Orlando Bloom. Anyway.

But back to you, Book the First. Granted, I didn’t even bother to title you properly. And yeah, Lennon did come out being a wee bit too close to the real me, which is why I decided against writing contemporary-set stories for now. But I’d forgotten that I had subplots in there (ha!) and angst and the friendship-into-relationship trope that I seem to be so fond of. But most of all, I was surprised to read that Gabriel actually has his own personality because I had such a hard time getting him on the page.

My male characters like to morph into whomever I’m Google-stalking at the time.

Another thing–you’re actually kind of funny, Book the First. There’s a lot of autobiographical stuff in there, mostly from college, that came across well. It didn’t come across as too inside jokey. But yeah, there are a lot of one liners in there that I laughed out loud at reading.

Which is awesome, but there aren’t too many jokes in the current WIP.

In closing, I want to say, for a first completed novella thing, you’re not too bad, Book the First. I mean, yes, you are kind of on the writing level of a better Real Person romantic comedy fanfiction, but you’re not as horrible as I kept thinking you were. So I’m sorry that I almost considered deleting you from the blog or almost considered not tagging you correctly. I started the blog with you and now I think it’s an important past step in my writing life.

Now, Last Request. That one might be as bad I think it is…



2 thoughts on “Dear Book the First,

  1. I love this!You absolutely have some funny moments in Book the First. When I read some of it, I laughed a lot because Lennon is actually really funny. And it's so much better than my first book. Like SO much, which is also untitled by the way. Lol!


  2. I couldn't think of a title–I'm really bad with them–and I knew it wasn't going anywhere submissions-wise, so I left it at Book the First. I look on it as a snapshot of my emerging quarterlife crisis–a LOT of the stuff in there are fictionalized college and grad school experiences. I'm sure your first book couldn't have been that bad!


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