Matilda the Musical and Kids’ Books

I went to see Matilda the Musical at the Shubert Theatre last night. It was about as magical as I thought it would be. Beta and I went in excited to see it and came out loving the show, quoting lyrics and lines to each other (“Maggots.” “Hey boy!” “I’m a girl!” “My mummy says I’m a miracle.” “Ian McEwan/ Ugh, I feel like spewin'”). So much of the story is about storytelling, reading and the power of imagination that it’s pretty perfect for a writer in editing mode to see. Because stories are magic. 
Plus, since Beta and I both enjoy the anarchic songs of Tim Minchin, the composer, who is also a songwriter/piano player/comedian, we appreciated the wordplay in the lyrics.
Seriously–wonderful performances. Four girls alternate the role of Matilda. Our Matilda was Bailey Ryon. 
Matilda is based on Roald Dahl’s book, which happens to be Beta’s favorite childhood book. I don’t specifically remember reading Matilda as a child, but I remember James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 
I spent most of my childhood stuck in books–mostly Babysitters’ Club and American Girl. I remember Bridge to Terabithia a little bit (so sad!) and Tuck Everlasting (where I declared during a group discussion that I would not want to be permanently 12 years old. Seriously. Why would I want to be pubescent for the rest of my life?)
Other childrens’ book I remember, some of them very vaguely:
Number the Stars 
The Great Gilly Hopkins (first time I learned about Galadriel the Elf Queen)
Circle of Gold
How My Parents Learned To Eat (the first time I read a book where the protagonist was half Asian and half white, like me.)
A Family Apart

What were your childhood reads? Did you read Matilda as a kid?

2 thoughts on “Matilda the Musical and Kids’ Books

  1. Wish we got more than 1 musical a season down here! I'll have to keep an ear out for that one in case it shows up. I was in The Babysitter's Club Book of the Month club. 🙂 But I wore myself out reading Sweet Valley Twins/High/SVU/Diaries/Special Editions whatever. That really helped me expand my reading horizon because I fiercely wanted something different. Good times.


  2. You'll probably get Matilda. It's a pretty big hit here and the bigger shows are the ones that tour, right?I went through the regular BSC books, the mysteries, Baby-Sitters' Little Sister, the special editions, those autobiography books they had, too. But American Girl–I loved those books, especially the historical notes in the back. I think I'm writing historical fiction just because of those historical notes in the back.


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