A Song and a 9 minute beat poem

I just hit over 33,000 words (I’ve written 3,000 total just today) and I am taking a little break before I go back to finish this scene. I’m still pondering whether to post the story once it’s finished on the blog, kind of serialized style.

At any rate, I think I’d like to do an “annotated” version. I did this once with a fanfiction I wrote about five years ago. It was never posted online, but because the fic was based on a real person and a (very) Mary Sue character, there were certain songs and clips on YouTube that I could refer to. I linked them within the document and emailed it off to my friends. It was fun.

I might have written it before I started this blog.

At any rate, I do have some clips and pictures and whatnot in mind that work as inspirations for this NaNo story. Including the reason why I’m calling it Inventing Shadows, which is the closest thing I could think of to be a title.

“Inventing Shadows” is a song by Dia Frampton, who was on the first season of The Voice. I didn’t really listen to it after I downloaded it. But it came up on my iPod one day and I was thinking of this story and about Emma. I think “Inventing Shadows” sort of embodies Emma’s struggles with herself:

So you keep on/ Inventing shadows/Where there are none

The full lyrics are here.

And then there’s “Storm.” So, you see, because I loved Matilda the Musical, I googled its composer, whose name I thought I recognized from somewhere. Then I fell into the rabbit hole of YouTube because Tim Minchin, who is a comedian, songwriter, and actor is hilarious. And one of my favorites of his is his nine-minute beat poem, “Storm.”

Storm is what I based the very fictional new musical in the story on. It’s the one in which Colin stars. Don’t ask me the exact storyline, ’cause I don’t know.

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