And the NaNo story is finally finished

Ahh…it’s done. Finally. I’ll admit to losing a bit of focus and motivation after November turned into December. I really just want to hibernate. I also want to get back into the research and re-aquainting myself with my historical fiction project again. December=research and outline to make sure the fourth draft turns out better than the third one did.

But back to the hibernation. This is not helped by the cold I’m getting over. Sinus blockages and constant nose-blowing do not make one want to write anything, even an “easy story.”

I know I fudged the ending a bit. It’s rushed. I seem to still have issues with the big build up to the Big Climactic Scene. Ugh.

But anyway, for the record, this story came in at 73,832 words. I finished NaNo with 67,003 words.

But it’s done and now I can move on, satisfied with the knowledge that I didn’t leave anybody hanging.

And by anybody, clearly I mean my fictional characters.

2 thoughts on “And the NaNo story is finally finished

  1. All right!! Congratulations! I know it feels good to be done. ^_^ I'm still working on my endings, as in trying to actually wrap things up and not end the story so abruptly. There's still plenty of month left to focus on your historical. I will be glad when the weather settles into a pattern and stop flipping from 30 to 60 so my sinuses can clear up.


  2. I think that by outlining historical draft 4 before I actually write it, I can try to mitigate last third of the book disaster. Anyway, the NaNo is done, if not necessarily done that well, and I'm going to settle on my couch with my Kindle and resume reading a couple of research-related books I have.


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