Of Dialects

One of my Facebook friends posted this link called How Y’all, Youse, and You Guys Talk. It’s about how your mix of vocabulary and pronunciation identify your dialect. Try it out and let me know what you get. Does it correspond to where you’re from or no?

I took it twice so far, just for kicks. Both times, the quiz has pegged me for the New Yorker I am–New York, Newark/Paterson (in New Jersey) and Yonkers, NY, to be exact. It’s interesting, because I’m from Queens, which has its own very distinct accent.

You know Fran Drescher, the Nanny? Grew up in the neighborhood I grew up in. I think she even went to my junior high. I don’t sound like her—I’ve lost the worst of the accent a bit, though I think I’m still distinctly New York in some of my speech patterns and vocab. I would have thought that a little bit of Boston would have rubbed off on my speech, having been to college there, but other than the fact that I can dip into Bostonian when I choose, apparently it has not.

The quiz says “sneakers” is the reason why I “sound” like a New Yorker. I love dialect quirks and accents.

7 thoughts on “Of Dialects

  1. Oh, good. Most of my friends are from NY or the Northeast in general, so I was hoping someone not from the Northeast would answer the quiz! What did it say made you sound like Nashville? Apparently, sneakers are a Northeast thing. Who knew?


  2. Apparently saying \”coke\” in reference to all soft drinks is a very Southern thing. Lol! Growing up, when someone asked us if wanted a coke, we said, what do you have, and the answers would always be, \”Coke, Sprite, Pepsi\” etc. 🙂


  3. Heh, I got the same results, which is pretty accurate, though I'm a little bit further outside the city than Yonkers. My family has a house in Cape Cod, though, so I sometimes get tripped up on rotary/traffic circle. I've never really thought about how I use these words and phrases in my writing before, though I know quite a few of my characters have worn sneakers!


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